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Discover the 21 Day System to Jump Start Belly Fat Loss!
Without feeling like you're deprived, hungry & on a diet
We Start November 4th
I will show you a flexible way of eating that will jump start belly fat loss while keeping you feeling satisfied & full of energy!
Believe me, I get it!
I know how depleting it is when you have to hold your breath every time you have to slip on a pair of jeans just hoping that it fits.

Maybe you dream of wearing slim fitting clothes but don't because you want to hide that muffin top.

Getting into a bikini on vacation? Never!

You feel deprived when dieting because you're eating low-fat rabbit food which leaves you hangry where you end up binge eating chips and cookies.

And, because you're on a diet, going out doesn't fit into "the program" so you neglect your friends or you cave and go, only to find yourself in behind a plate of fries feeling like a failure.

And, get this: maybe you've spent half of your pay check looking for the next best fix - supplements, diet books, workout programs - you have it all! (it's okay, so do I)

You probably feel...

And you just want to get a body that you're comfortable in and have more energy to enjoy your life. 

The good news? You can have this! You can have the body that you desire.
Introducing the...
Hi! I’m Julie

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist on a mission to help career-driven women banish fad dieting so that they can finally lose weight and increase their energy without ever feel like their dieting.

Several years ago, I had a woman ask me if I was pregnant because of the fat I was hold in my belly. When I told her that I wasn't, she then implied that I needed to lose some weight. Well, I knew that but having someone point out your biggest insecurity was hard.

My weight loss journey had me buying into every fat diet and video that I could get my hands on. When I did diet, I struggled with constant hunger, I gained weight (despite my vegan diet at the time) and I became super self conscious about my "pooch". I also was miserable because I couldn't enjoy "life" - aka. cocktails with the girls and good dark chocolate.

When I decided that I was fed up, I dug a little deep into weight loss and I started to learn how feeding our hunger hormones was the key to sustained weight loss. And, guess what?

I became a fat burning machine, lost the weight, and my stomach became flatter where I was actually comfortable walking around in a bikini.

I now work with women who work their assess off yet they're struggling to lose weight, overwhelmed by food and nutrition and struggling with fatigue, and poor sleep. I show them a simpler way to lose weight without having to sacrifice their love for cocktails and chocolate!
The 21 Day Belly Fat Loss System is for YOU if:
  •  You're struggling with bloating or mid-section weight gain
  •  You desire to wear form-fitting dresses or jeans
  •  You don't feel full or satisfied after meals especially when you "diet"
  •  You get anxious or lose focus in the mid-afternoon
  •  You are at a weight loss plateau or you're just having a hard time losing weight in general
  •  You're overwhelmed with the dieting information on line
  •  You feel like you have to restrict yourself or avoid social settings in order to lose weight.
FACT: You Cannot Lose Mid-Section Weight If 
Your Blood Sugar Is Not In Balance!
Blood sugar imbalances are a problem for many underlying health issues including fatigue and weight gain. 

If you are...
constantly snacking throughout the day, 
crave sugar and other refined carbs,
eating a cup or more of carbs such as rice, quinoa, bread or pasta at every meal,
or you get hungry every 2 hours after you eat then...

Your blood sugar needs some support!

The 21 Day Belly Fat Loss System Reset System will help to rebalance your blood sugar so that you can reduce bloat and mid-section weight.

Letting go of extra weight and increasing your energy can happen!
Build Consistent Habits For More Energy & Fat Burning!

In the 21 Day Belly Fat Loss System, you will:

x Reduce mid-section bloating

x Decrease mid-section weight

x Experience more energy and you'll avoid those mid-day energy slumps.

x Decrease your desire and cravings for refined foods (sugar, pasta, bread). YES!

x Boost your body's ability to be a fat-burning machine AND finally start losing the weight.

x Feel empowered as you learn to focus on small, mindful changes so that you can have long term success in your health.

And, in just 21 days, you'll be amazed how you feel when you start eating foods that will help impact your energy, focus and your weight! 
Imagine This!
KNOWING what foods actually work FOR weight loss and not against it and being able to take that forward, long term.
By AMPING up your FAT LOSS, you'll start to notice a decrease in bloating and lose mid-section weight.
Enjoying a COCKTAIL or chocolate without feeling GUILTY or 'blowing your diet'. 

Going through the day WITHOUT STRESSING out about what to eat or when.

Going out with the girls and being EQUIPPED knowing what to eat at a restaurant without setting you back.
Here is what others had to say
"I really enjoyed this program. I have done similar ones in the past but the interactive community was not only helpful and motivating but also really made me feel accountable to keep up with the new habits! Julie is so positive and engaging. She really gets to know you and understand you and how your lifestyle works. In past programs, I felt I had to completely compile or it wouldn’t work but Julie was understanding and even assisted in making the program work for me even if I wasn’t taking part in all aspects. I would 100% do a program with Julie again!!" - Alexis

"This program is comprehensive with easy to follow meal plans. Julie is there every step of the way including coaching sessions, which I find super helpful- even my husband enjoys her talks! The best part about this is it's not a ridged program, it's as flexible as you want it and it takes into account for dining out and providing grocery shopping options." - Karen

“This program was great, not only because Julie was a helpful and supportive mentor, but because the meals were yummy and filling and are something I would eat in the future! ” - Kaitlyn

“This program was a great kick starter towards making better eating habits. I love how its not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. The importance of eating well to regulate your blood sugar was something I never even thought about before. As someone who yo-yo diets, this program helped me to realize that small changes and not punishing yourself if you don't always follow the program 100%, is what will lead to long term success! Thank you Julie!!” - Courtney

"I definitely enjoyed this program - it's made me aware of my food choices and has me checking labels a tonne more ! I'm down 8lbs since the beginning of the month so that's a result and a half" - Rebecca

"It was a total meal change for me. Buying a lot of new ingredients that I don't buy usually. It was cost effective on my budget. I got more energy from it and I started considering this as investment for my health! Thank you for sharing this valuable info with me!" - Kichan

"I had a great experience while following the program. Her recipes give a diverse range of foods and snacks that kept me intrigued and focused throughout the month. They are also very easy to prep and use as leftovers for someone with a busy schedule. No complaints!"
Here's what you get from 
The 21 Day Belly Fat Loss System
  •  21 days of whole foods, delicious recipes that will help to turn your body into the fat burning machine and reduce belly bloat.
  •  3-weeks’ of flexible meal plans to help take all the work out of deciding what to make because we know you are busy.
  •  Fundamental modules to help further implement small and achievable adjustments in your lifestyle such as how to build the perfect fat-burning plate.
  •  My Clean Eats Snacks E-book for the best recipes to support your journey.
  •  Entry into the JPN Smarter Weight Loss Community where you can talk about your wins, struggles and ask questions in a safe environment
  •  You'll also get to enjoy chocolate and a little bit of wine!
The moment you sign up, you'll receive a quick start guide so you're ready for November 4th!
This system includes delicious grain free, whole food recipes with moderate amounts of healthy fats. You'll get to enjoy smoothies, shepherds pie, stir fries and yummy and naturally sweet fat bombs on this system. There are a variety of recipes and everything is low sugar, gluten free and some dairy if you tolerate it. The recipes in this program are intended to support your blood sugar and hormones and provide you with a simple, delicious and healthy way of eating that helps you lose weight.

This program contains some recipes for vegetarians and you can modify further. However, if you are a strict vegan, I do not recommend joining. It is ideal for those that have more of a "flexitarian" approach to eating if you a conscious of your meat consumption.

Yes! This is a flexible program that you can modify with your schedule.  Remember: it's okay if you stray off the plan but it's important to redirect back. We have a Facebook group that is full of support and encouragement. We're looking for small, mindful changes that you can sustain long term. This is not about being perfect. It also important to enjoy life so don't let your body and spirit suffer because you have to avoid events and commitments. Support them at the same time.

We don't offer refunds on any digital products. The moment you sign up you will receive content and materials which cannot be returned being that they are digital. Once you sign up, you are committed and will have our support throughout the program. If you not prepared to do the work and commit to your health, I suggest waiting to sign up at a later time. 
The program contents will be emailed to you. Each week you will receive new content and each month, you will receive a new meal plan. You can also access the content inside the private Facebook group. 

There will be links to my preferred products in meal plans that you can purchase but it's not necessary.

Amazing!! Then this is perfect for you as well! You'll still support your health, hormones and body and you'll learn along the way. This program goes beyond just weight loss. It teaches you a simple way of eating that will help you bust through sugar cravings, and increase your energy.

Join the 
21 Day Belly Fat Loss System Now 
It's Time To Lose Your Belly Fat & Feel Amazing!
The moment you sign up, you'll receive a quick start guide so you're ready for November 4th!
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