For Busy Professional Women Who Are Ready To Lose 10+ Pounds
Discover The SMARTEST Way To Weight Loss Without Feeling Like 
You're On A Diet Or Having To Give Up Cocktails & Chocolate!
If you’re a career-driven woman, then you’ve likely got big goals for 
your health and body too...

You want to get the weight off. You want to feel confident in your body and want people to see this confidence in the office. You want to feel energized, and go shopping for smart business attire in smaller sizes.

But, you are faced with a few problems right now:

Your health has taken a back seat to your career and making yourself a priority is a challenge

You've been wanting to lose weight “forever” & you're frustrated and exhausted because nothing works

You feel deprived of your favourite foods so you eventually give into cravings and feel like a failure

You're frustrated and confused that none of the tips that you find online help (but they seem to work for others)

You restrict yourself by skipping meals or eating a plain salad with chicken leaving you not satisfied

You battle with the voice in your head over whether they should eat the food or not

Your self-worth is tied to the weight on the scale

You don’t feel sexy or confident in any of your clothes

You don’t feel desired by your partner and you don’t want to have sex because you’re embarrassed about your body

And, when you look online for answers, you're overwhelmed and confused about what will work
If any of this has you nodding your head thinking “yes, that’s me", 
then you need to read on, because I’m going to share a 
game-changing opportunity with you.
I’m going to show you how, after trying and failing with so many different fad or "popular" diets, and feeling frustrated that they didn't work for you, that you can get OUT of this pattern and completely turn your health around.
If you've ever felt "stuck" or defeated because you feel like...
  • ​You don't have the "will power" to make it through another program.
  • ​You can't give up cocktails with colleagues or friends because most weight loss programs restrict this.
  • You don't see the numbers on the scale go down, but yet you never feel full.
  • ​You're a busy, professional woman. You don't have time to work out.
I’m here to personally show you the smartest way to lose weight —starting RIGHT NOW, TODAY.

I know from my own experience and from working with all kinds of women who are trying to lose the weight and failing doing so, that there is a simpler way to do it.

Even in the busy-ness of life, it is possible to get on a program and stay on it.  

AND, it can all be done without feeling like you're on a diet and deprived and without forgoing your love for cocktails!

PS. No diet pills, shakes, and starvation involved!
The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program
A 12 Week High Fat, Low Carb Weight Loss System For Career-Driven Women

Whether you desire to...

 Lose 20 pounds and be able to wear what you want and FEEL CONFIDENT and more importantly, FEEL GOOD.

 Have the energy that you want and NEED to continue to thrive in your career and in life without having to face those mid-day slumps.

 Go out with your colleagues or friends and not be obsessing over your food choices. You can finally relax after a long day and not feel guilty about it.

Not feel pressure to think that you need to work out 5 days a week (when you simply don't have the time).
Lose the weight in a sustainable way, for good and never feeling deprived again.

The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss System will lead you step-by-step to the body, energy and confidence that you’ve desired… and the life that you know you deserve!
Imagine Going From
Exhausted & Frustrated To Confident, Energetic & Slim
Despite what hesitations that you may have, it’s actually never been easier to lose weight, and have amazing energy that you can sustain in your busy career and life.

You don’t actually need to give up cocktails with your work friends or chocolate on a Monday night.

This system has already helped so many women who are now living with more freedom, confidence and energy.

While working with all sorts of professional women and knowing their challenges, this is a proven and easier formula for losing weight.

I am actually going to show you exactly how to make this happen for you. It might feel intimidating right now, but I break it down in the simplest and digestible way.
Let Me Tell You A Little About Me & Why This System Works!
Hi! I’m Julie

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist on a mission to help career-driven women banish fad dieting so that they can finally lose weight and increase their energy without ever feel deprived.

I’ve been working in the corporate world for years in operations and human resources management. So, I know first hand how our own health takes a back seat to our career. For me, I had a difficult time managing my work stress which led me to poor eating habits and binging on carbs where I started to gain mid-section weight. The worst!

My weight loss journey had me buying into every fat diet and video that I could get my hands on. When I did diet, I was constantly hungry, I gained weight (despite my vegan diet) and I became super self-conscious about my "pooch". I just desired to wear a slim-fitted corporate dress so I could feel confident in the office. 

I was also miserable because I couldn't enjoy "life" - aka. cocktails with the girls and good dark chocolate. When I was fed up, I dug a little deeper into weight loss and I started to learn how feeding our hunger hormones was the key to sustained weight loss. 

 This was my biggest a-ha moment because I realized that it wasn’t my lack of willpower because you can’t fight against blood sugar and hormones! 

And, guess what?  

I became a fat burning machine, lost the weight, and I looked and felt slimmer! I finally figured out how to manage my weight in the craziness of our careers.   I now work with women who work their butts off yet they're struggling to lose weight, overwhelmed by food and nutrition and struggling with fatigue.
So if you’re confused about the best approach, tired of researching, trying and failing and ending up in the same exact place....then this is the place for you.
Here's Exactly What You Get When You Join 
The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program
 High Fat, Low Carb Recipes
Use these recipes so you can instantly start improving your diet right from the time you wake up to when you go to bed. You’ll feel satiated and you’ll start losing weight without all the frustration and guesswork.

  Intermittent Fasting For Busy Women
This optional approach will be invaluable to your busy lifestyle and it will assist in boosting energy, mood and productivity.

  Accountability & Support
You don't need to do this alone. With group coaching calls and a private facebook group with other professional woman, and personalized responses from your coach, you will have the support and accountability which is missing from most programs.
Here's What Others In The Program Have To Say
Here's Exactly What You Get When You Join 
The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program
The program is broken down into 12 weeks of materials and program content along with several amazing bonuses to up-level your weight loss.

All of the program materials, training tutorials and worksheets are available weekly and can be found in the private Facebook group for easy access.

Most of the modules are in both print and video form to cater to everyone's individual learning styles and time constraints.
Here’s a Little Peek at Some Of What We Cover 
Each Week Inside The Program:
Module 1:
Your Grain Free Reset
Module 2:
Metabolic Fat Loss Recipes + Meal Prepping Guide
Module 3: 
How To Build The Optimal Plate 
Here you’ll discover how to decrease bloating and replace inflammatory foods to jump start weight loss.

You’ll receive the recommended supplementation list and a healthy substitutions guide to learn how to swap out certain foods with healthier options without sacrificing taste.
In this week, you’ll be introduced to the recipe book including with 50+ easy recipes to continue to boost weight loss without deprivation.

You will also learn how to plan and prep without having to sacrifice your time.
Here you’ll learn how to create the foundational plate to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

You'll also learn why this foundational plate is critical for weight loss, energy and sleep.
Module 4:
Stress & Sleep Hacks
Module 5:
Optimal Exercises For Busy Women
Module 6: 
Ultimate Dining Out Guide
Here you will learn how stress impacts our weight gain and some basic stress hacks. 

You will also receive a Sleep Checklist to turn your bedroom in to a zen den so that you can rest optimally and rock your day!
In this module, you'll types of exercise for weight loss that you can do in 30 minutes or less.
You’ll receive the Dining Out Guide which has a list of all the top restaurants so that you don’t have to avoid a night out or restrict yourself with a salad and chicken breast.
PLUS, 6 More Weeks of Exclusive Content, Recipes, Coaching & Weekly Support!
A System To Help You
Create The Life You Desire & That You Deserve !
When you enroll in The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program you’ll get LIFETIME access to the material. 
I’ve set up the program so that you learn and implement quickly—with support and personalized coaching along the way. 

Get started with The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program Today!
Sign Up Today & Qualify For These Amazing Bonuses
Bonus #1
Bonus #2
Bonus #3
Supercharge Coffees & Elixirs

$19.99 Value
The Ultimate Dining Out Guide

$29.99 Value
A Nutritionist's Evaluation of a 1-Week Food Journal
$120 Value
Get my e-book full of my favourite and delicious fat-fuelled coffees and elixirs to super charge your morning or afternoon.
Don't stress about dining out during these next 12 weeks. I got you all set up with a list of the most popular restaurants, what to order, and how to navigate the restaurant menu.
Submit a one-week food journal for review to help you maximize your success and understand how the foundational plate works. This is VITAL for your confidence especially when eating out!
Get Started & Order Today.  
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Best Value!
One Time Payment, Regular $597
 Save $100
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**Option to upgrade to Premium to include monthly 
personalized coaching at checkout** 

Most Flexible
3 Monthly Payments
Now $197 month

**Option to upgrade to Premium to include monthly 
personalized coaching at checkout** 
    The Metabolic Shed System Is Different... 
    Look. I know from personal experience that you may need to “feel ready” to get started. But, I’ll also need to tell you that you just need to start. Just take action because that “feel ready” feeling will never come and you’ll continue to be frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

    The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program was made just for you, so you can jump start your weight loss with a proven step-by-step plan and support so you can learn as you go and tweak along the way.

    I understand that making this kind of life-changing decision is a big deal.

    That’s why I want you to feel totally at ease when making this decision to join me in the program. I’ve done everything I possibly can to guarantee that when you follow the steps laid out for you in the program, you will make progress. This program will bring you long term results.

    I can confidently say that, because I’ve worked with women, who were just like you when they enrolled in the program -- and within a few months they’ve lost weight and created a more energized and vibrant life.
    That’s Why The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program Is Backed By A 100% Invest With Confidence Guarantee

    Here’s how the guarantee works: 

    Receive a full refund within 14 days of joining the program.
    You must submit your before photos, measurements and have shown up in the private group interacting with questions/inquiries in order to receive a full refund. It's important that you receive help along the way through out support.  We want to know that you are implementing the strategies, recipes and doing the work to achieve your goals.
    A Year From Now, You Will Have Wished You Had Started Today...
    With The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss Program, women find themselves empowered, in control, and more comfortable in their bodies. 

    I am empowering you to take control today. Learn the foods that actually fuel your metabolism and balance your blood sugar. Learn how to incorporate your favourite foods (and drinks) as treats, without the guilt.   

    That’s the difference between this time and every single other diet you’ve ever tried. They weren’t about YOU or YOUR body. They weren’t even about eating real food or eating in real life. The Metabolic Shed Weight Loss System For Women is.
    Get Started & Order Today.  
    Registration Is Only Open for A Limited Time !
    Best Value!
    One Time Payment, Regular $597
     Save $100
    Now $497
      Most Flexible
      3 Monthly Payments
      Now $197 month
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Yes I'm interested. What happens next?
        First of all-yay! That's so exciting! Once you click the purchase button you'll be taken over to my secure server to complete your purchase. You will receive an email with your welcome and next steps right away so watch your inbox! I'll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where I hang out with my other clients.

        When does the program start?
        You can start as soon as you enroll!

        How much time will this take?
        The recipes are broken down between easy (less than 30 minutes) and the rest that can be prepared in under an hour allowing for time flexibility.

        Will I be starving?
        Not with this program! In fact, one of the main comments I receive is how satisfied clients feel and where they decrease their need for snacking. Not only will you eat real food for your meals, you'll eat plenty of it. Plus you'll be eating formerly forbidden foods like butter, beef, bacon and eggs.

        Do I have to shop at specialty health food stores?
        Nope. Plain old grocery stores will work just fine. I even find myself grabbing a pre-cooked chicken on the way home from work in a pinch!

        What if I have a question? Do you provide any support?
        You can definitely ask me questions-that's what the Facebook group is all about. I'll get back to any questions within 12-48 hours and will ALWAYS support you.

        Do I have to cook everyday?
        Not if you don't want to. The recipes I'll provide you with can be made ahead (batch cooking) or made super quickly. I'll also teach you how to eat out without killing your blood sugar and feeling awful afterwards. The point is you can tailor this program to your lifestyle.

        Is this program vegan friendly?
        No. There are vegetarian and vegan recipes available but most contain meat, fish, eggs. This program is can work for a flexitarian where vegan and vegetarian recipes are included.

        What kind of food will I be eating?
        Honestly, regular food! Think meats, fish, veggies, avocados, butter, cheese, etc.

        I'm busy and have social engagements. Can I still follow this plan?
        Yes! This is a flexible program that you can modify with your schedule. Remember: it's okay if you stray off the plan but it's important to redirect back. We have a Facebook group that is full of support and encouragement. We're looking for small, mindful changes that you can sustain long term. This is not about being perfect. It also important to enjoy life so don't let your body and spirit suffer because you have to avoid events and commitments. Support them at the same time.

        How do I access the materials?
        The program contents will be emailed to you. Each week you will receive new content and each month, you will receive a new meal plan. You can also access the content inside the private Facebook group.
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